**NEW MAY 2018** MELVIN AND HOCKEY NIGHT IN THE TOWN OF SHINNY NOW RELEASED!  (Don't forget to get Book1 in interactive form!  Download the Melvin The Mouse APP in the Google and Itunes Stores!!)

"MELVIN and the ice cleaning machine is a delightful book.  We're honored that Melvin shares some Zamboni history in the "chalk talk" section and hope that the book's readers enjoy it as much as we did"   Richard Zamboni (President of the Zamboni Company and son of Frank J. Zamboni)

Melvin The Mouse hockey books are targeted to children ages 4-12 but appreciated by older audiences as well.

The Highlight Reel...

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Melvin and the big hockey game


Melvin and the ice cleaning machine


​melvin and

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Melvin The Mouse Hockey Books -the "Original Six" series... (English and French)